Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs

We would like to thank all our participants in our Pysanky Make & Take Egg Class on Sunday, March 17th.  We were pleased to host 24 students under the tutelage of Maria Everett and Diane Rollins.  The class was offered to participants of all ages.

Here are some highlights from the pysanky egg class:

Learn more about our pysanky instructors

Diane Rollins & Maria Everett

On Saturday April 13, 2019 we will host 
The Ukrainian Food & Eggstravaganza

We are please to welcome pysanky egg artists Diane Rollins, Maria Everette, Kim Kostival, Helen Badulak & Nina Badulak-McDaniel.  These artist were recently featured in the Reading Eagle article:

“Berks women continue the beautiful Ukrainian tradition of pysanky”

Plan to join us at this event and help us continue to keep the art of Ukrainian Pysanky alive!


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