Chrismation (Confirmation) – Usually Baptism is immediately followed by the second sacrament, “Chrismation” or Confirmation. In Holy Chrismation, we are anointed with the Holy Myron, with the gift of the Holy Spirit being bestowed upon each of us individually. Chrismation is our personal participation in the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.​

The Mystery of Chrismation is also given to anyone who was validly baptized in the Catholic Church but did not receive it yet, or anyone who is validly baptized and wishes to enter the full communion with the Catholic Church.

Please note that those who have already been validly baptized as members of another denominational church are not re-baptized. Baptism is a Sacrament that is celebrated once in a person’s lifetime. For validly baptized candidates, full initiation into the Catholic Church takes place through the celebration of three Holy Mysteries: Repentance (Confession), Chrismation (Anointing with Holy Chrism) and Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion).

Full initiation into the Catholic Church is a process requiring time, good spiritual preparation, prayer, study, reflection and personal growth. All candidates are required to attend weekly catechetical sessions.​

Once the preparation is completed, date and time of the celebration of Chrismation will be scheduled at the Divine Liturgy. Sponsors must be also chosen for the candidate receiving the Sacrament.